Training Mode

Game Mode Overview:

Training Mode in GUNZ offers a relaxed and no-pressure gaming experience, similar to Deathmatch mode, but without any gains or losses in experience points (EXP). It's an ideal choice for players who want to hone their skills, try out new strategies, or simply enjoy a stress-free gaming session.

Key Features:

  • Casual Gameplay: Training Mode provides a casual environment where players can focus solely on gameplay without the worry of earning or losing EXP. It's perfect for those looking to unwind and enjoy GUNZ without any progression-related concerns.

  • No Experience Impact: Unlike other modes, the outcome of matches in Training Mode has no impact on your experience points or character progression. This means you can freely experiment with different tactics, weapons, and strategies.

  • Skill Development: Training Mode is an excellent arena for skill development. Whether you're a newcomer learning the ropes or a seasoned player refining your techniques, this mode allows you to practice and improve your gameplay without the pressure of competition.

  • Relaxed Atmosphere: The absence of EXP gains or losses fosters a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. You can focus on having fun, experimenting with different playstyles, and enjoying the GUNZ experience at your own pace.

Tips for Enjoyment:

  1. Experiment Freely: Use Training Mode as a testing ground for various weapons, techniques, and strategies. Try out new approaches without worrying about the consequences of victory or defeat.

  2. Skill Refinement: Take advantage of the relaxed environment to refine your skills, such as K-Style or advanced combat maneuvers. Practice your accuracy, movement, and tactics to become a more formidable player.

  3. Invite Friends: Training Mode is an excellent choice for playing with friends without the competitive pressure. Invite your friends to join you for enjoyable and lighthearted matches.

  4. Enjoy the Game: Above all, remember that Training Mode is meant for pure enjoyment. Relish the GUNZ gameplay, immerse yourself in the action, and have a great time without the constraints of EXP-related concerns.


Training Mode in GUNZ is the perfect option for players seeking a relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience. With no impact on experience points, you can freely experiment, practice, and refine your skills while savoring the GUNZ universe in a stress-free environment. So, whether you're a new player looking to learn or a seasoned veteran wanting to unwind, Training Mode has something to offer for everyone.