Gameplay and Mechanics

An overview of GUNZ's gameplay and mechanics.

Gameplay Overview:

GUNZ is a complex third-person shooter featuring several base mechanics, enhanced by a series of glitches that provide the game with incredible depth.

Basic Mechanics:

  • Walk: Standard movement.

  • Wall Run: Run on walls horizontally.

  • Wall Climb: Ascend vertical walls.

  • Wall Cling: Hang onto walls.

  • Guns: Use firearms to engage in ranged combat.

  • Shoot: Fire your equipped weapon.

  • Reload: Refill your firearm's ammunition.

  • Tumble: Execute evasive rolls.

  • Aim: Precisely target enemies.

  • Melee: Engage in close combat.

  • Slash/Stab: Attack with melee weapons.

  • Dash: Quickly dash in any direction.

  • Uppercut (Sword): Perform an upward sword strike.

  • Block (Sword): Defend against attacks with a sword.

  • Massive: Deliver powerful melee strikes.

  • Lunge (Dagger): Lunge forward to knock down opponents.

Now that you are familiar with the basic mechanics that GUNZ has to offer, we will dive into the glitch mechanics that will help you enhance your gameplay.