Quests in GUNZ

Quests in GUNZ are thrilling game modes that pit players against waves of challenging monsters and formidable bosses. Whether you're a lone warrior or part of a team, quests offer an exciting opportunity to test your combat skills and earn valuable rewards. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from GUNZ quests:

Monster Grades

Monsters in quests are categorized into different grades, each with varying levels of difficulty:

  1. Regular: These are the easiest monsters to defeat and are often encountered in level 0 quests, making them ideal for beginners.

  2. Veteran: Slightly tougher than regular monsters, veterans start appearing around level 2 quests, providing a moderate challenge.

  3. Senip: Senip monsters are the most formidable regular foes in quests, known for their size and power, making them a considerable threat.

  4. Boss: The most powerful monsters are bosses, and players must use special item combinations to face them. Bosses have high HP and AP, making them formidable adversaries.

Quest Levels (QL)

Quest levels determine the difficulty and number of monsters in a quest. The higher the quest level, the greater the challenge. Here's an overview of quest levels and their requirements:

  1. QL 0: Features 20 monsters, and at least one player must be below level 5 to participate.

  2. QL 1: Offers 26 monsters, and all players must be at least level 5.

  3. QL 2: Involves 32 monsters, and all players need to be at least level 13. Players must also use Torn Page 13.

  4. QL 3: Includes 38 monsters, and all players must reach at least level 25. Torn Page 25 is required.

  5. QL 4: Contains 44 monsters, and all players should have achieved at least level 41. Torn Page 41 is mandatory.

  6. QL 5: Presents 50 monsters, and all players need to attain at least level 65. Torn Page 65 is a prerequisite.

Objective and Rewards

The primary objective of quests is to eliminate all monsters in a round and progress to the next level. Each quest offers various rewards, including experience points (XP), valuable items, and gear that can enhance your character's abilities. It's a fantastic way to level up and obtain rare items.

Team Play and Strategy

While quests can be tackled solo, they are often more manageable and enjoyable when completed as part of a team. Coordinating with your fellow players, devising strategies, and leveraging each member's strengths can lead to successful quest completions.