K-Style, short for Korean Style, is an advanced gameplay technique that has become a hallmark of skilled GUNZ players. It elevates your gameplay by allowing you to perform fluid and precise movements while engaging in combat. This guide will introduce you to the world of K-Style, helping you understand its history, basic principles, and some advanced techniques.

The Core Principles of K-Style

The fundamental principle of K-Style is to keep moving constantly. This is achieved by canceling animations using various in-game actions. Here are the core elements of K-Style:

Animation Cancels

  • Sword Animation Cancels: K-Style enthusiasts primarily use swords, such as Katanas, Kodachis, and Large Swords. They exploit these sword animations to cancel other animations, creating a flow of actions.

Basic K-Style Moves

Swap Shot

  • Move: Switch to Gun > Shoot > Switch to Second Gun > Shoot

  • Purpose: Ideal for cutting down delay on high-delay weapons like shotguns. Enables you to shoot one weapon, switch to the second, and shoot it without waiting for the first to fire again.

Reload Shot

  • Move: Switch to Gun > Shoot > Reload > Switch to Second Gun > Shoot > Reload

  • Purpose: Speeds up the shooting of high-delay weapons, allowing for more shots in less time. Do not wait for the weapon to finish reloading.

Slash Shot

  • Move: Jump > Dash > Slash (hold) > Switch to Gun > Shoot

  • Purpose: Quickly switch to a ranged weapon while moving, dealing damage to nearby opponents. Be cautious not to be too predictable.

Half Step

  • Move: Jump > Dash > Slash > Switch to Gun > Dash > Shoot

  • Purpose: A versatile move for both damage and evasion. One of the most commonly used K-Style techniques.


  • Move: Jump > Dash > Slash > Block

  • Purpose: Slash an opponent while airborne and evade upper gunfire. Canceled attack animations while airborne are vital for this move.

Double Butterfly

  • Move: Jump > Slash > Block > Dash > Slash > Block

  • Purpose: Swiftly perform two butterflies in succession. Effective for close combat and cornered opponents.


  • Move: Flip > Block > Jump > Dash > Slash > Block

  • Purpose: Keep your opponent in the air after a flip, dealing damage while preventing their return to the ground.

Advanced K-Style Techniques

  • E-Flip (Extended Flip): Extend your flip's reach with a sword for mobility.

  • Wall Cancel: Bounce off vertical surfaces to scale them quickly.

  • Multi Wall Running: Execute consecutive wall runs for faster movement.

  • Flash Step: Advanced wall cancel technique for rapid wall traversal.

  • Advanced Flash Step (Double Flash Step): Combine Flash Step with other moves for versatility.

  • Forbidden Step: Complex move involving slashes, shots, and switching between weapons.

  • Triple Butterfly: Perform three rapid butterflies for quick close-quarters combat.

  • Quadruple Butterfly: The fastest butterfly variation, requiring assistance to execute.

K-Style is an advanced technique that adds depth and excitement to GUNZ gameplay. Mastery requires practice, so don't be discouraged if it takes time to perfect these moves. As you become more proficient, you'll unlock new levels of agility and combat prowess in the world of GUNZ. To deepen your understanding, consider watching tutorials and practicing these techniques in-game.