D-Style, short for Dagger Style, is a captivating and emergent gameplay style in GUNZ that has been embraced by skilled players across various GUNZ versions, especially on private servers. This style exploits inherent flaws in the game engine to cancel actions that would otherwise be time-consuming, providing players with an impressive arsenal of techniques. This guide delves into the world of D-Style, revealing its principles, fundamental moves, and advanced techniques.

Fundamental Tools of a D-Styler

At the core of D-Style are two fundamental tools: Stab (Left Mouse Button) and Lunge (Right Mouse Button) with a dagger equipped. These moves form the foundation upon which D-Stylers build their combat prowess.

  • Stab: Cancels animations such as wall running, wall climbing, ground movement (if held), and dashes.

  • Lunge: A versatile move that can be useful in specific situations.

Basic D-Style Moves

Dagger Train

  • Move: Dash + Stab

  • Purpose: The Dagger Train is a staple ground movement technique for D-Stylers. It offers both speed and effectiveness and can be used for evasion or offense.

Dagger Hop

  • Move: Jump + Dash + Stab

  • Purpose: A fast and efficient way to navigate the map, evade opponents, or engage them directly.

Dagger Flash

  • Move: Jump + Dash + Stab > Dash (other side) + Stab (optional)

  • Purpose: Dagger Flash is a quick and versatile movement technique for evading attacks or engaging opponents. It includes two dashes in one jump, enhancing its utility.

Float Step

  • Move: Dash + Stab + Jump

  • Purpose: A basic yet invaluable move for evading attacks, moving out of the way of projectiles, or initiating gun-based moves.

Wall Cancel

  • Move: Jump (off wall) + Stab (cancel animation) > Dash (at wall) + Stab

  • Purpose: Wall Cancel is essential for rapid wall climbing and is the starting point for many wall-based maneuvers.

Hells Climb

  • Move: (Hold Wall Hang + Forward Key) repeat Jump + Stab

  • Purpose: Formerly the fastest and easiest wall-climbing technique for extreme speeds. Note that some servers may have patched this move.

Multi Wall Running

  • Move: Wall Running (walk horizontally on the wall) > Jump + Stab > Dash (at wall looking at a 45° angle) > Double Jump

  • Purpose: Allows D-Stylers to perform multiple consecutive wall runs, enhancing mobility.

Wall Raid

  • Move: Wall Running > Stab > Jump (immediately)

  • Purpose: Useful for quickly traversing long stretches of walls or reaching distant allies in need.

SHS (Shimmer Shot)

  • Move: Gun + Shot + Reload > Dagger + Dash

  • Purpose: Similar to the Slash Shot in K-Style but without the slash and jump. Provides evasion and maneuverability.

JSD (Jump Shot Dash)

  • Move: Jump > Gun + Shot + Reload > Dagger + Dash

  • Purpose: A fundamental gun move for D-Stylers, allowing rapid shooting and evasive movement.

YS (YoYo Step)

  • Move: Jump + Gun (at the same time) > Dash (at the height of the jump) > Shot + Reload

  • Purpose: A signature move for D-Stylers, YoYo Step combines shooting and dashing simultaneously for agility and combat effectiveness.


  • Move: SHS (Shimmer Shot) after YS

  • Purpose: Enables a faster transition to the dagger and quicker execution of evasive moves like Dagger Flash.

YS Half

  • Move: Dagger + Dash (other side) + Stab > Dash (other side) (the dash and stab are performed before landing)

  • Purpose: Enhances evasiveness and maneuverability, providing D-Stylers with an edge in combat.

YS Quarter

  • Move: Dagger + Dash (other side) + Stab > Dash (other side)