Gladiator Team Deathmatch

Game Mode Overview:

Team Deathmatch Gladiator in GUNZ is an exciting variation of the classic Team Deathmatch mode, with a unique twist – mandatory melee weapon usage. Players are divided into two teams, and the primary objective remains the same: eliminate members of the opposing team while accumulating points. However, in this mode, all combatants are restricted to melee weapons, turning the battlefield into a close-quarters, high-stakes arena.

Key Features:

  • Melee Weapon Exclusive: Team Deathmatch Gladiator requires players to wield melee weapons exclusively. Firearms and ranged weaponry are not allowed, creating intense and visceral combat scenarios.

  • Close-Quarters Combat: With the limitation to melee weapons, battles are fought in close quarters, demanding precise timing, swift reflexes, and strategic positioning to outmaneuver opponents.

  • Team-Based Gameplay: Just like traditional Team Deathmatch, players are organized into two teams, promoting teamwork, coordination, and collaboration. Effective communication and synchronized attacks are essential.

  • Scoring System: Points are awarded for each successful elimination of an opponent using melee weapons. The team that reaches a specific score threshold first or has the most points when the match ends emerges victorious.

Tips for Success:

  1. Master Melee Techniques: Becoming proficient in melee combat techniques is vital. Practice moves like slashes, blocks, and combos to gain an edge in close-quarters battles.

  2. Team Coordination: Coordinate with your teammates to create synergistic attacks and defenses. Effective teamwork can help control the battlefield and overwhelm the opposing team.

  3. Map Awareness: Familiarize yourself with the map's layout to identify chokepoints, ambush locations, and advantageous positions. Map knowledge can be a game-changer.

  4. Weapon Choice: Select your melee weapon wisely. Different weapons have varying reach, damage, and attack speeds. Tailor your choice to your preferred playstyle and the dynamics of the match.


Team Deathmatch Gladiator in GUNZ offers an adrenaline-pumping twist on the classic Team Deathmatch mode, focusing on close-quarters, melee combat. Players must sharpen their melee skills, coordinate effectively with their team, and adapt to the unique challenges presented by the absence of firearms. It's a mode that rewards precision, teamwork, and strategic thinking as you and your team battle for supremacy using melee weapons.