Lead & Anti Lead

Lead and Anti lead in GUNZ Explained

In GUNZ, understanding the concepts of lead and anti lead is crucial for accurately targeting and hitting your opponents, especially in a fast-paced online environment. Here, we'll break down these concepts and explain how they impact gameplay.


  • Lead is the act of adjusting your aim to shoot ahead of your target based on their ping, which reflects the delay in their actions due to their network connection.

  • In GUNZ, if anti lead is turned off, players need to predict where their opponent will be in approximately twice their ping in milliseconds.

    • For example, if a player has a ping of 100 milliseconds, they effectively exist "200 milliseconds in the future" relative to your actions.

    • To successfully hit such a player, you must aim in front of their current position, adjusting the lead based on their ping.

  • In normal lead mode (with anti-lead not enabled), hit-markers may not provide accurate feedback since they don't consider the delay.

Anti lead:

  • Anti lead is an option that, when enabled, compensates for the delay caused by ping. It makes hit markers more accurate and behaves like hit-scan shots in other first/third-person shooters.

  • With anti lead enabled, you can aim directly at your enemy, just as you would in a typical hit-scan game.

  • This feature provides a more straightforward shooting experience, especially for players with high ping.

Tips for Players:

  • New players may find success with double revolvers in anti-lead matches due to their high accuracy and armor penetration.

  • Equipping two sets of revolvers can be effective (single revolvers are less suitable because they deal half damage).

Understanding lead and anti lead is crucial for adapting to different game modes and effectively countering opponents with varying ping values. Mastering these concepts can significantly enhance your accuracy and overall performance in GUNZ.