Game Mode Overview:

Assassination in GUNZ introduces a unique and challenging objective for players. In this mode, two teams face off, and the primary goal is to assassinate a specific member of the opposing team. This designated target becomes the focal point of the match, requiring both strategic planning and precision execution to secure victory.

Key Features:

  • Targeted Elimination: Unlike traditional Team Deathmatch modes, where any elimination contributes to the team's score, Assassination hones in on a specific target. Teams must locate and eliminate this designated player to win the round.

  • Designated Target: At the start of each game, one member of the opposing team is marked as the target. Teams must identify this player amidst the chaos of battle and eliminate them while protecting their own target.

  • Strategic Depth: Assassination mode emphasizes strategy and coordination. Teams need to plan their approaches carefully, focusing their efforts on eliminating the enemy's target while safeguarding their own.

  • Game Dynamics: The presence of a designated target adds an extra layer of tension and excitement to the gameplay. Both offensive and defensive strategies are crucial for success.

Tips for Success:

  1. Target Identification: Efficiently identify the enemy's designated target. Effective communication within the team is essential for tracking the correct opponent.

  2. Team Coordination: Collaborate with your team to devise strategies for protecting your target and eliminating the enemy's target. This may involve creating defensive positions, ambushes, and distractions.

  3. Protecting Your Target: Assign players to ensure the safety of your designated target. Defensive measures, such as providing cover and setting up ambushes, can deter opponents.

  4. Offensive Strategies: Develop tactics for locating and assassinating the enemy's target. Use teamwork to isolate the designated player and eliminate them swiftly.


Assassination mode in GUNZ offers a thrilling and unique gaming experience where precision and strategy are paramount. As teams aim to eliminate a specific opponent, the gameplay becomes tense and dynamic. Effective teamwork, target identification, and a balance between offense and defense are key to achieving victory in this mode. So, prepare your strategies, communicate with your team, and aim for a precise takedown in the world of GUNZ Assassination.