Reverse Berserker Deathmatch

Game Mode Overview:

Reverse Deathmatch + Berserker Mode in GUNZ offers a unique twist on the classic berserker mode. Similar to Deathmatch Berserker, it's a free-for-all mode where players vie for supremacy. However, in this version, players experience continuous life regeneration instead of losing health and shield over time. The mode introduces a captivating dynamic where players need to balance their aggression and survival instincts.

Key Features:

  • Regenerating Health: In Reverse Deathmatch + Berserker, every player enjoys a constant health regeneration rate. This regenerative ability provides an additional layer of strategy as players must manage their aggression and defense while benefiting from sustained life recovery.

  • Berserker Mechanic: Similar to Deathmatch Berserker, one player is designated as the berserker, possessing enhanced damage capabilities. The berserker's role rotates as different players eliminate each other, leading to thrilling and unpredictable gameplay.

  • Continuous Action: With regenerating health, players are encouraged to stay active and engaged throughout the match. This mode rewards players who can balance offensive and defensive tactics effectively.

  • Room Exit Mechanic: Just like in Deathmatch Berserker, if the current berserker exits the room, the first player to secure a kill after their departure becomes the new berserker. This adds an element of surprise and opportunity to the mode.

Tips for Success:

  1. Manage Aggression: While you benefit from health regeneration, avoid reckless behavior. Engage in combat strategically, knowing that you can recover health over time.

  2. Stay Engaged: Constantly engage with opponents to maintain your health advantage. Staying active can increase your chances of securing eliminations and, potentially, the berserker role.

  3. Target the Berserker: If you're not the berserker, focus your efforts on eliminating the current berserker. Collaborate with other players to take down the berserker efficiently.

  4. Be Opportunistic: If the berserker leaves the room, be prepared to seize the opportunity. The first kill after their exit can elevate you to the coveted berserker status.


Reverse Deathmatch + Berserker Mode in GUNZ offers an exhilarating twist on the traditional berserker gameplay. With continuous health regeneration, players must strike a balance between aggression and survival, creating a dynamic and engaging experience. Whether you're striving to eliminate the current berserker or aiming to claim the role for yourself, this mode delivers fast-paced and strategic action within the GUNZ universe.