Game Mode Overview:

Gladiator in GUNZ is a sword-based mode where players can only use their swords. Depending on the player's level, each sword is unique with visuals and various stats like delay, damage, and weight.

Key Features:

  • Objective: The primary objective in a Gladiator match is to defeat your opponent only using a sword. This typically means reducing your opponent's health or "eliminating" them through various strategic tactics: Butterfly, Double Butterfly, Triple Butterfly, flip, quick slash, and dash tactics.

  • Training and Preparation: Gladiators are usually the Sensei or teachers of the training rooms. Gladiators undergo rigorous training to become proficient in various glad styles.

  • Legacy: Gladiators have left a lasting impact on the GUNZ community. Players who consider themselves "glads" are the most effective during close combat. Additionally, Gladiators can participate in any game mode.

  • Time Limits: Gladiator mode has a time limit to keep the gameplay fast-paced and competitive. When the timer runs out, the player or team with the highest score wins. Glad matches also have an unlimited time option.

  • Respawning: In Gladiator matches, players respawn after being eliminated. This allows them to rejoin the action and continue accumulating points.

Tips for Success:

  1. Master Sword Techniques: To excel in Gladiator mode, become proficient in a variety of sword techniques. Experiment with Butterfly, Double Butterfly, Triple Butterfly, flips, quick slashes, and dash tactics to gain the upper hand.

  2. Training: Consider spending time as a Gladiator in training rooms to refine your skills and learn from experienced players. Continuous practice and learning are key to improving in Gladiator mode.

  3. Adapt to Opponents: Each opponent may have a different playstyle and sword preference. Adapt your tactics and strategies based on your opponent's behavior to gain a tactical advantage.


Gladiator mode in GUNZ offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience where players can only rely on their sword skills. With various techniques and tactics at your disposal, Gladiator matches are not only about defeating opponents but also mastering the art of sword combat. Engage in close combat, learn from experienced players, and strive to leave your mark as a formidable Gladiator in the GUNZ community.