Glitch Mechanics:

An overview of the Glitch Mechanics GUNZ has to offer.

Glitch Mechanics:

  • Animation Canceling: Cancel animations for faster actions.

  • Switch Cancel: Swiftly switch between actions.

  • Slash Cancel: Cancel melee attacks for rapid strikes.

  • Block Cancel: Interrupt blocking to perform other actions.

  • Swap Cancel: Cancel weapon swaps for seamless transitions.

Unique Glitches:

  • Reload Cancel: Cancel the reload animation for faster shooting.

  • Delayed Massive: Execute a delayed Massive strike for surprise attacks.

  • Tip Slash: Use precise slashing techniques.

  • Extended Lunge (Dagger): Extend the range of your dagger lunge.

  • Extended Uppercut (Sword): Enhance the reach of your sword's uppercut.

  • Yo-Yo Dash: Perform advanced dash maneuvers.