Game Mode Overview:

Spy Mode in GUNZ is a thrilling and suspenseful multiplayer mode where players are divided into two teams: seekers and spies. Seekers' mission is to locate and eliminate the spies within a given time limit. The catch is that spies remain hidden until the final 30 seconds of the round, creating an atmosphere of tension and surprise.

Key Features:

  • Objective: Seekers aim to find and eliminate the spies hidden among them before time runs out. Spies, on the other hand, must use their cunning and evasive skills to avoid detection and survive until the end of the round.

  • Random Assignment: At the start of each round, players are randomly assigned roles as either seekers or spies. This randomization adds an element of unpredictability to the gameplay, as players must adapt to their assigned roles on the fly.

  • Revealing Spies: The most thrilling aspect of Spy Mode is that spies' identities are concealed until the final 30 seconds of the round. This means that spies can covertly blend in with the seeker team, making it challenging for seekers to identify them.

  • Team Coordination: Both teams must rely on effective communication and coordination to achieve their objectives. Seekers must work together to uncover the spies, while spies must silently cooperate to evade detection.

Tips for Success:

  1. Stay Hidden as a Spy: As a spy, your survival is paramount. Stay inconspicuous, blend in with the seeker team, and avoid drawing attention to yourself. Use your evasive skills to stay alive until the end.

  2. Coordinate with Teammates: Seekers should communicate with each other to share information about suspicious players and coordinate their efforts to locate and eliminate spies.

  3. Time Management: Keep track of the time, especially during the final 30 seconds when spies are revealed. Seekers should intensify their efforts to identify spies during this critical phase.


Spy Mode in GUNZ delivers an intense and suspenseful multiplayer experience where players must rely on their wits, deception, and teamwork. The element of surprise, random role assignment, and the countdown to reveal spies create an engaging atmosphere of uncertainty and excitement. Whether you're a cunning spy or a determined seeker, Spy Mode offers a unique and thrilling challenge within the world of GUNZ.