Game Lags/Crashes

If GUNZ lags/crashes/freezes during gameplay, follow the steps below to fix these issues.

  • Locate your GUNZ files/folder, usually located at :

C:\Program Files (x86)\GG\GUNZ

  • Right-click on the “gunz” application and hit “properties” as shown below.

  • Proceed to the “Compatibility” tab.

  • Select “Run this program in compatibility mode”.

  • Select “Windows XP, Service Pack 3 from the drop down menu.

Also, ensure you check the following two options(as seen below):

“Disable full-screen optimisations”

“Run this program as administrator”

Note: it may also be worth trying to check “use legacy ICC colour management” option if this does not work.

  • Repeat the exact same steps above with the “launcher” application, as seen below:

  • Hit "Apply" and OK.