Getting in Game

First and foremost, make sure your PC meets the system requirements and has GUNZ downloaded and installed, along with having a GUNZ account.

  • Once you have those ready, click on the GUNZ icon to open the launcher.

  • Click the "Start Game" button to launch GUNZ

If there's any updates, they'll be installed automatically when you open the launcher.

  • The game will open and you'll be prompted with a login screen. You're going to have to enter the same credentials you registered your GUNZ account with to login to the game.

  • Once you're done logging in, you'll be prompted to the character select screen.

If you're a new player, you'll have to first create a character, make sure to use a unique name for your character that hasn't been taken up by any other player. For more info on characters, check out Equipment.

  • If you're done creating a character, select it and you'll be prompted to the channel lobby. Here you can create your own game lobby and join others.

To find groups to play with, join our Discord Server

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