Berserker Deathmatch

Game Mode Overview:

Deathmatch Berserker Mode in GUNZ offers an intense and chaotic multiplayer experience. In this mode, it's every player for themselves, and one player is designated as the berserker. The berserker possesses extra damage power but gradually loses health and shield over time. However, there's a unique twist: if the berserker eliminates another player, they recover a significant portion of their health and shield. On the flip side, if another player eliminates the berserker, they gain this special trait and are healed for life. The mode promotes fierce competition and strategic gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Free-for-All Combat: Deathmatch Berserker Mode is an all-against-all battle royale, where every player is a potential target or the berserker. Players must remain vigilant and adapt to the changing dynamics of the match.

  • Berserker Mechanic: The player designated as the berserker enjoys enhanced damage capabilities but must carefully manage their diminishing health and shield. Eliminating opponents is essential to sustain themselves.

  • Dynamic Gameplay: As the berserker changes hands, the mode keeps the gameplay fresh and unpredictable. Players must adapt their strategies based on their role, whether it's pursuing elimination as the berserker or targeting the current berserker to claim the role.

  • Room Exit Mechanic: If the current berserker exits the room, a unique opportunity arises. The first player to secure a kill after the berserker's departure inherits the coveted berserker status, providing a chance for a game-changing turn of events.

Tips for Success:

  1. As the Berserker: If you become the berserker, focus on eliminating opponents to regain health and shield. Engage in hit-and-run tactics to maximize your survival.

  2. Target the Berserker: If you're not the berserker, consider targeting the player with that status. Collaborate with others to take down the berserker, as it can provide a significant advantage.

  3. Stay Agile: Keep moving, use cover, and be mindful of your surroundings. In Deathmatch Berserker, being a difficult target can increase your chances of survival.

  4. Timing Is Key: If the current berserker exits the room, be ready to seize the opportunity. The first kill after their departure could make you the new berserker.


Deathmatch Berserker Mode in GUNZ delivers frenetic and ever-changing multiplayer action, where players must adapt their strategies on the fly. The dynamic berserker mechanic adds an exciting layer of gameplay, and the mode rewards both aggressiveness and tactical play. Whether you're hunting down the berserker or aiming to become the next one, Deathmatch Berserker offers a thrilling and competitive experience within the GUNZ universe.